Try This 60-Second Test To Determine If Your Internal Organs Are Sick!


You just need to scratch a bit of buildup from the surface of your tongue, by only using a spoon.

All you need is a plastic bag and a spoon.

With the help of this test you can check the health condition of your respiratory system, intestines, hormones, metabolism, kidneys and teeth.

You just need to scratch a little bit of buildup from the surface of your tongue. You should use spoon for this function. Make certain that you are taking a sample that is more detailed to your throat.

Then you must cover the spoon in plastic bag and leave it to stay for 60 seconds under strong, light bulb. The strong light allows fast develop of bacteria. The more powerful the light, the better results you will get.


If you are healthy, the deposit will stay clean. If you see unusual color and odor, it might indicate an early symptom of a health problem in your kidneys, respiratory tract, intestines and hormones.
If you see this, you need to visit your doctor and learn what the exact problem is.

Also, this test can show if you have a bad breath, an issue which many people aren’t even aware. You should just smell saliva. If you notice an odor much like ammonia, you might experience kidney problem. If you notice fruity smell, it could be a metabolic disarray or ketoacidosis.

No matter what results you will get, don’t worry. Smell doesn’t always suggests some disease in the crucial organs. You might have broken teeth, cavities or other teeth problem.