This is How you Can Get Rid of Warts


Both topical and oral zinc have been able to demonstrate scientifically verified results in helping to shrink and eradicate warts. Posted in Saudi Medical Journal, a study was done specifically on topical zinc sulphate for viral warts. The pilot clinical trial had ten patients, 80% of whom experienced their warts absolved from 10% zinc sulphate solution.

The double blind clinical trial had 50 patients with common warts and 40 patients with plane warts. Patients were given 10% and 5% zinc sulphate solution. Respectively, complete clearance of plane warts was seen in 85.7% and 42.8% of cases from topical 10% and 5% zinc sulphate solution. And complete clearance was also seen in 11% and 5% of patients with common warts using 10% and 5% zinc sulphate solution. In other words, common warts were definitely more difficult to ward off. In different studies, topical zinc oxide as well as oral zinc was found to be effective. Oral zinc seemed to be the more effective route however for common warts.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3
There may be reason to try taking some extra vitamin D3 to help combat warts. Some research has been done on intralesional vitamin D3 (injection into the base of the wart–probably don’t want to try at home) and on topical vitamin D3 for the effectiveness of curing warts. The sample size for the intralesional vitamin D3 study was relatively small, with twenty patients. In total, 16 of 20 patients or 80% of them showed a complete clearance of their warts over the course of a few months. The topical vitamin D3 study was used specifically on senile warts, which is actually a benign tumor that appears in the elderly population. To quote the study, “Out of 116 cases treated for 3 to 12 months, 35 (30.2%) showed complete disappearance or more than an 80% decrease in the volume of the tumor, 54 cases (46.6%) showed a decrease in the volume between 40 and 80%, and no remarkable changes or decreases of less than 40% were seen in 27 cases (23.3%). “ Vitamin D3 is actually thought to induce apoptosis in tumors and some have suggested taking higher doses to help ward off the developments of cancer. This might be its mode of function in helping to fight off warts.

Boost the Immune system

Since many common warts are caused virally, it is thought that doing anything to boost the immune system will help destroy the root cause, which is the virus. That being said, many people will add extra basil or oregano to their diet for their antiviral properties. Some will take Vitamin C either orally or rub it directly onto the wart itself. You can use the basil topically as well.

Organic Manuka Honey

Organic Manuka Honey
According to research posted in the Alternative Medicine Rev. Journal, 2010, honey has been used as a very good topical treatment for various dermatological problems including but not limited to psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, tinea, and pityriasis versicolor. It has also been used to treat burns, or even as a facial cleanser to help acne (I can personally vouch for the last one). But if you’re going to use it for any skin abnormality, you want the top notch stuff. Organic Manuka honey is harvested from New Zealand and is very potent with its antibacterial/antiviral components. For this reason it is the most recommended for treating acne, getting rid of the bacteria and gunk in those pores. The honey is also very thick in constituency, so whatever it covers, it will deprive the surface of oxygen. For these reasons it is thought that quality honey can help warts; both by killing bacteria or viruses and by starving the wart of oxygen.