Scientists Discovered What Is Really In Chicken Nuggets


Researchers from the UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) were studying chicken nuggets and came across to some astonishing facts. You probably didn’t  know but chicken nuggets are only 40-50% actual chicken meat,  while the rest of it is bone fragments, nerves, blood vessels, sinew, skin and fat.

One of the most amazed people included in this experiment was Richard deShazo. He is a professor of pediatrics, medicine and immunology at UMMC. He is worried because the chicken nugget is dangerous for our health. However,  even though it is not pure chicken meat it  has a delicious taste  and the worst part is that children love it.

Richard used to believe what other studies claimed but he has never actually looked into the nuggets under microscope himself. What he saw was  a product high in calories, sugars, fats and salt. The study showed that there is 50% skeletal muscle and the rest of the nuggets are consisted of blood vessels, nerves and the most dominant were fats.

Richard made a comment that he is highly concerned because chicken nuggets are very common  in many peoples’ diets and we all know how high in calories fried food is. He is also concerned because every day more and more people are eating these unhealthy products instead of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Besides these, there are a lot more harmful  ingredients put in food by famous food companies.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid and can be found in cow horns, chicken and duck feathers and human hair collected from a barber shop. This amino acid is added to bread and products from the leading fast food companies such as Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonalds.

Propylene glycol is a compound used is pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic cigarettes and as an additive to sodas. This is the magical compound that gives anti-freeze its ability not to freeze. This harmful compound may cause neurological disorders and even heart attack.

When drinking sodas, the tingle and fizzy felt is triggered by the ingredient sodium benzoate. This chemical has been linked to children’s hyperactive behavior even though FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) claims it is safe.

This chemical can also be found in jams, salad dressings, pickles, fruit juices and carbonated drinks. This harmful compound is also linked to supporting the production of cancer-sick cells.

Carmine is a cochineal arthropod insect extract. These insects live in South America and Mexico. The extract, however, is added to “Fruit on the bottom” yogurt, Oikos Greek yogurt brands and Activia. Carmine is an additive consisted of crushed beetles and is used as a coloring matter by manufacturer Danon.

CSPI (The Center for Science in the Public Interest) is warning Dannon  not to use beetles for their, instead , the company  can  use berries for replacament. After coming across public scrutiny, Starbucks stopped using carmine into their red-colored smoothies.

Vegetarians may not like the fact but Jell-O is a product of  collagen which is made out of animal skins. Pig is the main animal used when it comes to manufacturing gelatin.

Carbon monoxide is used to keep the red color in the plastic bag packed meats. This odorless gas may be harmless to humans but it still endangers the environment. Next time you eat jelly beans remember that you are actually eating secretions of the female Thailand insect Kerria lacca. Jelly beans are covered with shellac. The shellac is made out of this insect secretion.

Deli meats have been covered with viruses that kill bacteria. This was approved in accordance with  the fact that bacteria don’t  contaminate humans but food.

Other harmful chemicals and compounds you may find in different kinds of foods are ammonia which is sprayed on cut meats, castoreum (used in puddings, candles, drinks, foods) and different types of pastes.