Hemorrhoids causes pain discomfort to many people, many people suffering from this condition and reaches 50% of the population.


Anyone can get hemorrhoids and not have any symptoms, then you can not confirm that it is a disease, the less you should seek treatment. The problem is when anal varices cause discomfort.

That’s when you have to talk hemorrhoidal syndrome and when the situation is pathological.

There are home remedies that cure hemorrhoids, known as piles, are small veins that are located in the anal canal, this occurs when the veins are located in the lower rectum or anus excessively dilated, and becomes varicosities.

CURE REMEDIES hemorrhoids.

  1. Chard: Once you have chard (in good condition), rinse well and let cool in refrigerator, apply enough leaves on the affected area at least 3 times a day.
  2. Aloe vera: This is one of the simplest remedies, effective and homemade there, to be able to solve the symptoms like swelling, cut a leaf of this plant and put the liquid that comes out of aloe vera many times in the day, about especially after a bowel movement.

It is very important to clean the affected part before applying

  1. Clove: Boil in water for two whole cloves, 3 garlic cloves and three bay leaves. The mixture of 3 ingredients are very beneficial and powerful, boil the water with the ingredients mentioned at least about 10 minutes. Then strain the water and is waiting for the liquid to cool, apply several times a day.
  2. Manzanilla: To achieve inflammation of the anal part, prevent bleeding and discomfort, is used, horehound, sacred chamomile, horsetail or oak.

Boil a handful of these leaves at least 5 minutes until you have released their rich properties. Then when the water is very cold immerse the affected part all complete, for 10 minutes, and noticing relief very quickly.

  1. Potatoes: it reduces inflammation decreases the burning, scratching a potato, then wrap in tissue paper and apply many times a day, and so may relieve discomfort faster.