Famous Harvard Psychologist Says: “ADHD Does Not Exist”

Jerome Kagan is one of the most famous psychologists not just on Harvard, but also in the world. His academics ranked him in top 30 most famous psychologists of the 20th century. His popularity and huge knowledge in mental health allows him to freely express his unique critique about the ADHD. According to Kagan ADHD is fake, it is made up by pharmaceutical companies and doctors to sell more drugs and increasing their profits. Jerome Doesn’t believe that ADHD is real, one of his statements says:

“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a made up condition, only 10% of 5.4 million diagnosed kids with ADHD have normal dopamine metabolism. The problem lies in doctors if they need to sell more of some certain drug (Ritalin) which corresponds to ADHD diagnosis, they’ll prescribe it in order to profit’’.

He points his criticism towards pharmaceutical industry, where every company makes huge amounts of money from selling their drugs. His critique is divided in three main points.

First physicians and doctors can financially benefit from promoting and prescribing medications. They over-diagnose certain condition in order to increase their income from selling more prescribed drugs. Kegan describes these people as corrupted and immoral.

Second pharmaceutical companies invest billions of dollars every year, corrupting politicians to work with them contributing to more safe and secure corrupted network of selling drugs.

Third Jerome states that more and more money flows into psychiatrists, psychologist, and other doctors who commit themselves to research conditions such as ADHD and other disorders.

Another of his statements says:

“Almost 50% of interviewed teenagers were misdiagnosed or over-diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but in reality, only 10% really suffer from these conditions”

Kagan constantly questions their way of diagnosing kids with ADHD. He believes misdiagnosing and over-diagnosing are the roots of the problems in the mental health profession. They are not tied up only to ADHD, but to other conditions and disorders as well. Kagan strongly believes that if his colleagues change their way of diagnosing ADHD and other disorders, things will get a lot better for their patients. He suggests they start looking for causes, not just the symptoms, establishing diagnosis like many other doctors do.

He knows that this war against pharmaceutical business model won’t be easy, in fact he says that they need to focus on the mentally ill people who desperately need more help, to invest in creating more efficient drugs and overall improving people’s mental health which will bring them profits along the way.

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